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UPDATE (2): PM, Labour MPs leave Girgenti residence

Various deputies of the Labour Parliamentary Group this morning were seen arriving at the Prime Minister’s summer official residence at Girgenti.

A TVM crew was on site from the morning and could observe the arrival of various Cabinet members and MPs. The Prime Minister arrived at about 9.00 a.m., with Ministers and other MPs having arrived earlier.

Follow the updates on the 12 noon news bulletin:

The MPs were seen leaving the Prime Minister’s residence at about 1.00 p.m., followed by the Prime Minister himself. No one gave any comments to the media present at Girgenti.

Sections of the media were reporting this morning that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s resignation was imminent, but this could not be confirmed.

Ara – Deputati tal-PL jitilqu mir-residenza tal-PM fil-Girgenti

Gepostet von Television Malta am Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2019

















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