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UPDATED: Suspected ‘middleman’ in Caruana Galizia murder given pardon

President George Vella, on the advice of the Prime Minister, has signed the presidential pardon to Melvin Theuma after it is understood that he had the advice of the Police and the Attorney General, that in the past week of investigations, Theuma provided the Police with solid proof and evidence so that the police may start new proceedings in Court against whoever commissioned the murder in the case, in which three other persons are charged with the murder.

Television Malta is informed that Theuma requested the presidential pardon for the crimes he committed, and in return he is ready to provide information and proof on the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia in October 2017.

Almost a week ago, the Prime Minister said he signed a letter that he is ready to recommend the presidential pardon on condition that the alleged middleman in the murder passes on all the information and proof he has, and that all this is corroborated in Court. The day following this development, the Police intercepted and arrested businessman Yorgen Fenech, who was considered as a person of interest in this case.

Sources said that during the past week and a half of interrogation by the Police, Melvin Theuma presented to investigators solid evidence, including in the form of messages and recordings. 44-year old Theuma was arrested by Police on the 14th November during an investigation, aided by Europol experts, on alleged money laundering crimes. Theuma is a taxi driver and was allegedly implicated in cases of usury and llegal lotteries, among others.

Sources further stated that a few minutes after President Vella signed the pardon, Melvin Theuma began testifying under oath before the inquiring Magistrate so that the information and evidence he has becomes part of the inquiry.

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