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Breathalysers for revelers at feast marches

As the ‘festi’ season has began, the Foundation for Social Awareness Services and l-‘Għaqda Każini tal-Banda’ (Band Clubs Society) will work in a joint project aimed at reducing excessive alcohol drinks consumption during the localities feasts. The initiative was taken following a European study published last year in which it was stated that Maltese youths are among the most consumers of excessive drinking.

The study prompted the Foundation and the Band Clubs Society to launch the initiative to increase awareness so that feasts do not end as a wild revelry of alcohol drinking.

“We will give 3,000 disposable breathalysers, which are used only once and thrown away, to the Band Clubs Society to distribute them among its members and the mentality will be introduced promoting the slogan ‘I drank…am I in a position to drive?’ I test myself with the breathalyser to see if I’m over the limit”, Alfred Grixti, Chief Exective of the Foundation for Social Awareness Services said.

Mr Grixti added that the initiative is being introduced as it is a known fact that excessive drinks are consumed during feasts.

The Band Clubs Society President, Noel Camilleri, said that committees members are making their utmost to reduce alcohol drinking during band marches.

“We will raise awareness among our youths in particular, but also for everyone so that feast enjoyment is not marred with things that do not honour us, even for the person concerned”.

Kurt Vella, a youth feasts enthusiast, together with friends, produced a video to inform the public on sacrifices that people like him do during the feast year and said that it is not right that this is marred due to drunken individuals. “We do not see justice that we work throughout the year, and people with alcohol abuse and are not feast enthusiasts come along, or even do not reside in the same locality”, Vella said.

In his first activity as Family and Social Solidarity Minister, Michael Falzon, said that although feasts are part of the Maltese traditions and are dear to him, legislation against excessive drinking should be safeguarded so that, among other things, abuse is reduced and road accidents are avoided.


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