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Brexit: Prime Minister holds London talks with Theresa May

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat met at 10 Downing Street with British Prime Minister, Theresa May. In a statement, the Government said that the two Prime Ministers discussed the latest developments on the UK’s exit from the European Union.

During the day, the Prime Minister’s engagements included a series of talks in London with investors who are considering Malta as the place to invest and resume with their commercial activity.

The United Kingdom is at the cross roads, with the British commercial community considering the period as “an emergency zone” due to fears that the UK exits the EU without an agreement in the end of March.

The Government and the Opposition agree that an exit without agreement should be avoided. Prime Minister May replied to a letter by Opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, in which she invited him for talks to find a solution. However, May indicated that she doesn’t agree with Corbyn that the UK remains close to the single market to facilitate trade. Those who favour Brexit do not want this so that the United Kingdom may negotiate trade agreements with the rest of the world.

Conservative MP, Boris Johnson, who wants that the UK ends all ties with the EU, said he is ready to vote with the Government if May convinces the EU on the border issue between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

”I think that is the great hope and if she can do that then we are at the races because we then have a chance if we can come out of the backstop, we then have the chance I think in the next stage of the negotiations to do genuine global free trade deals.”

The border issue is both a high security problem and a human level one. One example is a petrol station on the border, half of it in the Republic of Ireland and the other half in Northern Ireland. Without a Brexit agreement, the station’s owner remains half in and half out.

Eamon Fitzpatrick said ”people cross the border regularly, there’s some people who might cross the border twice a day, there’s other people who will cross it 30 times a day, and that’s the reality of it around here.”

If a special agreement is not reached on the border issue, inspections by security forces will be carried out on people and merchandise.

Tomorrow, Prime Minister May will update the members of Parliament on the latest developments on Brexit.


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