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Brexit: Theresa May holds talks in bid for a solution to current crisis

Party leaders and prominent deputies in the House of Commons met with Theresa May in talks described as constructive aimed at finding a compromise on Brexit after the negotiated agreement was rejected by Parliament. Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn described the talks as a political move, adding he will not participate until he is assured that the U.K. will not leave the European Union without agreement. Next Monday, Prime Minister May will publish a new plan for a debate and vote on the plan on the 29th January.

Theresa May said “we must find solutions that are negotiable and command sufficient support in this house”.

On his part, Jeremy Corbyn while calling the talks a farce, stated that “the country is facing the potential disaster of no deal, our duty will then be to look at other options, which we have set out in our conference motion, including that of a public vote”.

It was reported that another referendum might take another year to be organized while a spokesperson for the Prime Minister said that the U.K. will not request an extension so that Brexit is postponed after the 29th March.

Andrea Leadsom said “a full day’s debate on the motion will take place on Tuesday the 29th of January, subject to the agreement of the house.”

Some European countries are preparing for any eventuality and in France, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe met with major ministers connected with the U.K.’s exit from the European block.

German Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, said that the government will do everything possible so that the United Kingdom exits the EU with an agreement.

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