Brian Tonna continues testifying in front of public accounts Parliamentary committee

The public accounts Parliamentary committee (PAC), met again on Wednesday to investigate the Electrogas contract following the report issued by the Auditor General’s office. Brian Tonna, one of the shareholders of Nexia BT continued to testify in front of this committee.

Asked whether he feels there was a conflict of interest due to the fact that Nexia BT was involved in the process of the financial evaluation of Electrogas, while at the same time it was also carrying out auditing work for Yorgen Fenech’s company, which was part of the Electrogas project, Brian Tonna said that he never entered into the auditing aspect of Fenech’s company, because it was being carried out by another auditor from the same company.

Referring to the high level meetings at the Office of the Prime Minister about the new power station, Brian Tonna said he does not remember having these meetings, nor did he ever go abroad for meetings about this project. He said he was a consultant at OPM but diid not have a permanent office at Castille.

Brian Tonna testified that there were offices which were used by other consultants including representatives from auditing companies such as Deloitte, Grant Thornthon, and RSM. Mr Tonna stated that his company, NEXIA, ended up the target of ferocious attacks in the local and international media and said that because of this, it was the employees who suffered because the company had to close down.