Current Affairs
Brian Tonna continues to testify before PAC

The Public Accounts Parliamentary Committee continued with its examination of the Auditor General’s Report regarding the construction of the Electrogas power station.

One of the two owners of the company Nexia, Brian Tonna, continued to respond to questions by Committee Members, the PN MPs Karol Aquilina and Ryan Callus and PAC Chairman, Beppe Fenech Adami.

To some questions, Tonna invoked his right of silence concerning matters regarding criminal procedures and the ongoing Magisterial Inquiry. Among other replies he said that documents requested by the Committee are in Court procedures but included among them are copies of documents that are with the Auditor General. Lawyer Stephen Tonna Lowell, on behalf of witness Tonna, said he had taken a Court Recourse regarding questions and documents that had been requested.

Tonna maintained that he had been engaged by the CEO of Enemalta to evaluate the financial standing of two of the bidders as had been presented by the bidders. He said at this stage there had not been any need for interpretations. He said he had never seen any politicians attending Enemalta’s technical meetings. Tonna said that after the final decision was taken he had no longer been involved in the project.

Brian Tonna explained that it had been Mossack Fonseca that had mentioned the finances that had to be invested in bank accounts related to MacBridge and 17 Black. These accounts had never been opened because the parameters established by Mossack Fonseca had never been attained. He said he did not know who the owners of these two companies and when he came to know he was not happy about the owner of 17 Black.