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Brian Tonna said Auditor General had reported no wrongdoing with his involvement with Enemalta Committee

The Parliamentary Committee for Public Accounts continued its investigations into the Electrogas contract on a report released the Auditor General, the only witness being Brian Tonna, one of the shareholders of Nextia BC that is no longer operational. At the start of the session Tonna’s lawyer said he will be contesting the Speaker’s decision in a Constitutional Case that does not cover persons suspected to criminal reactions.

Tonna responded to almost all questions placed to him and said he was involved in the Enemalta committee so that Nextia BT enters data on all those that had tendered their offers for the gas powered station. He remarked this procedure had not been queried by the Auditor General. Tonna assured the Committee he will be presenting all invoices for services that had been tendered by Nextia BC. PAC Chairman, Beppe Fenech Adami said the Auditor had pinpointed various financial shortcomings in the process with Tonna saying that no due diligence had been carried out and no applicant had been disqualified.

Asked about his relationship with former Minister Konrad Mizzi, Tonna responded that he had not known him for the 2013 General Election and two years later had introduced him to Mossack Fonseca to establish a trust in New Zealand with a company registered in Panama. He said the income into this trust resulted from rent that former Minister had in the United Kingdom. He said these actions were in no way related to Electrogas.

Brian Tonna also said he had met Chen Cheng twice and the company Macbridge had been initiated. Years after the Electrogas procedure had been terminated his company was appointed as an auditor to Yorgen Fenech’s company.