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British citizens in Malta concerned about the future of relatives in U.K.

Two and a half years after the British people decided to leave the European Union, many Britons think that Brexit ended very differently from what they voted for in 2016. This was the opinion of a number of British citizens in Malta, who told Television Malta, that they are concerned on the future of their relatives in the UK, with some saying that another referendum should be held.

Conservative deputies Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees Mogg, who were major exponents in the Brexit campaign, said that if the agreement is approved, it will be a treason to the British people.

Boris Johnson said “after two and a half years of procrastination, the public would accuse us in this place of deliberately of setting out to frustrate their wishes.”

Johnson and Rees Mogg are among the some 100 Conservative Party deputies who will vote against their own Prime Minister, even if this eventually may lead to a no-confidence vote in the government, which will be presented by Labour Opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn said “the Government is in disarray, if the Prime Minister’s deal is rejected, it is time for a general election, it is time for a new government.”

For the British Government, a vote against the agreement means an uncertain crisis, not only on an economic level but also for the UK’s institutions. Attorney General Geoffrey Cox has even appealed to deputies of the House of Commons not to play with the lives of British citizens.

He said “thousands of contracts, thousands of transaction, thousands of administrative proceedings, judicial proceedings in the European Union in this country will be plunged into legal uncertainty, it would be the height of irresponsibility for any legislator to contempalte with equanimity such a situation.”

This sentiment of uncertainty is also felt among British citizens in Malta who expressed their concern on the current situation.

The Brexit agreement vote is considered as the most crucial vote ever in the House of Commons on an issue which divided the United Kingdom and which led it to a disunited kingdom.

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