British couple who took Indian AstraZeneca jab are stopped from coming to Malta

A British couple has been stopped for getting on board a flight to Malta because they were given the AstraZeneca from a batch which was manufactured in India.

The couple from Hull said that it was not allowed to board the plane from Manchester airport at 3.30 a.m. because of the type of vaccine they had been given.

Reports in the British press said the couple were devastated when they were told they could not fly to Malta to visit their son whom they have not see in more than a year.

It is understood that in the UK this batch of the vaccine was give to around 5 million people but it is not yet recognised by the European Medicines Agency, EMA and therefore they cannot come on holiday to Malta.

The reports say that many people in the UK are in a panic because the vaccine is not recognised by the EU Green passport.

On its part, the British Government denied that travelling would be affected and that all the doses given in the UK are the same and should be accepted by the EMA.

However, the vaccine known as Covishield, manufactured by the Serum Institute in India and administered in the UK, was not approved by the EMA.