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British Government discusses Brexit draft agreement

On Wednesday, the British Government led by Theresa May met in what was described as a crucial meeting over whether there is consensus over the draft agreement with the EU for the UK to leave the Union. The draft agreement was reached two and half years after the Brexit referendum.

Following individual meetings held with Ministers on Tuesday, PM Theresa May met up with the whole Cabinet to obtain their approval of the agreement reached with the EU regarding the future relations between them after Brexit. Although there is a technical agreement, political approval is still required and it appears that there are great divisions over the agreement reached, both from those who are in favour as well as those against Brexit.  These divergent opinions were also present in the British Parliament by some MPs such as Conservative Peter Bone.

“Is the Prime Minister aware that if the media reports about the EU agreement are accurate, you are not delivering the Brexit people voted for and today you will lose the support of many conservative MPs and millions of voters around the country?” asked Peter Bone.

In the House of Commons Theresa May said that the Government is drawing closer to its aims.

“What we are doing is negotiating a good deal for the United Kingdom, we are negotiating a deal which delivers on the votes of the British people that takes back control of our money, law and borders, that ensures we leave the common fisheries policy, we leave the common customs union , we leave the common agricultural policies, but we protect jobs, we protect security and the integrity of the United Kingdom” said Theresa May.

While the details of the agreement are not yet known, the PM admitted that the agreement is not perfect but is the best that could be reached in the circumstances.

Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn said:

“It does not deliver a strong economic deal that supports jobs and industry and we know that they haven’t prepared seriously for no deal. So does the PM still intend to put a false choice to parliament, between a botched deal and a no deal?” he asked.

If the Cabinet approves the agreement, the European Commission is expected to publish the 500 page document which then needs to be sent for the approval of the EU Council of Ministers at a summit which is meeting specifically for this purpose later this month.

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