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British Police appeal to public about attempted murder of former Russian spy and his daughter

British Police are investigating the attempted murder of the former Russian spy and his daughter and are appealing to the public for information about the red BMW which was used by the two victims prior to the attack. Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia parked the car at the centre of Salisbury three hours before they were found unconscious.

Meanwhile, the British Government is still waiting for an official reply from Russian officials after the ultimatum by Prime Minister Theresa May who warned that sanctions would be levied against Russia if it does not give a credible explanation about the attempted murders.

Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov denied that Russia was in any way involved as May is implying.  He said that Russia will not be cooperating in the inquiry of the British authorities before Moscow is given a sample of the substance which was used to poison Skipal and his daughter.

British Foreign Affairs Secretary Borris Johnson welcomed the support of other countries, including the EU. PM May said she would be speaking about the incident with US President Donald Trump. Trump has already said that he considers the UK’s analysis that Russia was behind this incident as a “fact”.

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