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British Police dog traumatized after Manchester attack

In England, a police dog who was among the first on the scene of the Manchester arena attack remained traumatized by the experienced he faced.

The May terrorist attack in Manchester had left 22 people dead and 59 others injured including children.

Police constable Phil Healy told the British media that Mojo, his personal service dog, started suffering from a condition due to the trauma he went through and even lost whole patches of fur.

Healy and Mojo were on site a few minutes after the bomb exploded in the arena’s foyer and their duty was to search for other possible bombs. The two spent a total of 11 hours of searches during the night, which Healy described as never-ending.

Although Mojo has not yet recovered completely from the trauma, his fur is growing again and has since returned on duty many times at the arena.

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