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Britney Spears tells Court that all she wants is her life back

American artist Britney Spears made a harsh attack against her father who was appointed by a court to take care of her, both as a person and her wealth. She accused him of controlling her life for a whole 13 years.

Spears recounted her daily trauma due to the way she was treated, telling a Los Angeles judge that all she wants is her life back.

The 39-year old singer also said that she was deprived of the right of having more children and was given a psychiatric drug against her will.

In 2008, a court had ordered that her father takes control of her affairs – an order which is issued for persons who are not capable of taking free decisions, such as persons who suffer from dementia or other mental diseases.

In the case of the popular singer, the order was issued after she was admitted in a hospital due to mental health problems.

The Wednesday special session was the first since Spears spoke openly in court about her case.

Jude Brenda Penny of the Los Angeles Supreme Court praised Spears for her courageous words during the proceedings.

Spears told the court that she has a right to her life, adding that she had lied when she said that the whole world was good and she was happy. “I am not happy; do not sleep and I’m very angry. I have a depression and cry daily”.

A mother of two children, Spears said she wanted to marry her partner and have another baby, but wasn’t permitted. She accused her father of stopping her from removing an equipment from her body so that she will become pregnant.

The lawyer appearing for her father, Jamie Spears, said that he is concerned with the singer’s allegations in court, remarking that her father is sorry for his daughter, that he loves her and misses her company.

By the Court’s order, the singer could not control her finances since 2008 when she was undergoing divorce proceeding with her husband Kevin Federline and custody of her children. Spears was also in the news after she had shaved her hair and was twice admitted in hospital.