Brothers in alms – the brothers everyone loves in Qala

In Qala everyone knows the brothers Corey and Frankie Said – who have spent their whole life assisting the evening Mass preparations. The brothers, who have special needs, are much loved in Qala. Two years ago, their work was recognized in the Qala Tribute Award.

Every day, Corey and Frankie Said lend a hand in preparation for Mass at the parish church. Corey lights candles before the sacrament and rings the church bell before Mass and his brother Frankie opens the church, arrange the hymn books, and collects the Mass offering.

Fr Ignatius Borg said that during his six year tenure as Parish priest of this community, he has discovered a treasure in these brothers. He said that as far as church related work – Corey and Frankie are pillars of strength, especially in the evening when they take over as sacristans.

“They transmit beautiful values: loyalty, commitment to their work, punctuality, sincerity, genuineness. These are beautiful values indeed.”

Fr Charles Buttigieg has known Frankie and Corey for thirty-five years – since their family moved to Qala from New York. He said that Corey and Frankie are loved – and included by all in the community.

“When for some reason, which is rare, they fall ill, everyone wonders where Corey and Frankie are. In addition, two years ago, this community – both the parish and the Local Council, awarded them the Qala tribute and everyone was happy because they said it was well deserved considering all the work they do for the church. ”

Since losing their parents, Corey and Frankie have lived with their sister Carmen and with Josianne. Carmen recounts how they look forward to going to church.

“At 2pm they start getting ready, even at 1.30. By 2.30pm they leave home for 6 o clock Mass, 7pm in Summer. First they get everything ready here and go outside and then they sit on a bench waiting for people to come to church.”

Josianne remarks how Franke who is 41 and Corey who is 43 can’t live without each other.

“For instance Frankie travels every year- Corey doesn’t go with him but you can tell that during that week when Franke is abroad, his mind is literally elsewhere. Corey is constantly worried that something might happen to Frankie.”

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