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Budget 2019: Increase of a day leave, increase introduced for those on minimum wage

Employees will from next year benefit from another day leave following the implementation this year by the Government of an electoral pledge to give back to workers the public feast days that fall during week-ends.

Those employed with the minimum wage will be given an adjustment in the second year of their employment, with a €3 increase a week. In their third year of employment, they will be given another €3 weekly increase. This means that workers who this year were on the minimum wage will benefit from €6 a week increase within a period of two years. Meanwhile, the cost of living increase will be €2,33 a week for everyone.

Another measure announced for employees includes tax reduction whereby for another year a tax refund will be given, affecting 200,000 persons. Those registered as single for tax requirements and their income from part-time work which is not over the minimum wage, will no longer be taxed.

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