Budget 2022: 40 measures on an investment of €270 million for energy, enterprises and sustainable development

The Minister for Energy, Enterprises and Sustainable Development, Miriam Dalli, said that next year’s Budget contains 40 measures covering these sectors and for which €270 million have been allocated.

Speaking at the Ċentru Għajn in Rabat, Minister Dalli said the 40 measures should create new responsibilities and opportunities by strengthening enterprises and the energy and water sectors while offer a better quality of life through green zones and open spaces.

She said in the enterprises sectors the Government will help these change their vehicles to electric-powered or hybrid. In order to decrease bureaucracy offices will be established to offer services for all new start-up enterprises.

Regarding the energy sector, Minister Dalli said funds have been allocated so that next year studies may be carried out on a second interconnector between Sicily and Malta and the possibility of a hydrogen pipeline to provide cleaner energy. She also said the Government will work for Enemalta to provide a better quality service through investment in distribution methods.

Regarding sustainability, Dr Dalli said a pilot project will be launched for community gardens to enable persons to grow their own vegetables, fruits and flowers. She also mentioned an investment of €20 million for the further afforestation of the Inwadar National Park.

Asked about energy bills, Minister Dalli said the regulator’s decision is that billing is just while maintaining the Government has rebated society through lesser bills to the tune of €500 million.