Budget 2022: an increase of 45% allocated to new projects in the Justice and Governance sectors

Minister Edward Zammit Lewis has said the Budget has continued to financially sustain the reforms that have been carried out over the last 18 months in the justice and governance sectors and said these will continue to be strengthened.

During a media conference held at Valletta’s Lower Barrakka, the Minister reviewed the justice and governance sectors and said a 45% Budget increase has been implemented to be invested in new projects.

While recognising that more has to be done for further Court administration reforms, Dr Zammit Lewis said that more than 20% of this year’s Budget will go toward the recruitment of further human resource in the Court.

He said that there will be an increase of 80% for improvements in the Advocate General’s Office to continue with the plan that Police prosecutions will be handled by this office, a process that should reach completion over the next four years.

Minister Zammit Lewis also mentioned that funds have been allocated for a Ħal Far project for an Asset Recovery Bureau to ensure the confiscation of assets will be handled in a more effective manner and these will be preserved so that when these are sold off or released, they will be in a good state,

Regarding the Family Court, the Minister said there is more to be done in this sector which is being revised to provide more efficiency because this concerns many families. He added Amendments are being proposed for more specialised Courts such as a Commercial Court.