Buses are being fumigated on a daily basis

To ensure the removal all possible traces of Coronavirus, during the night, Transport Malta is fumigating buses used during the public transport’s daily service. This is being done daily to reduce the likelihood of the virus spreading among passengers. So far 41,000 buses have been fumigated, while regular cleaning of bus lanes is also underway.

After a long day of service, each and every bus used is undergoing a rigorous fumigation process that begins at 9:30 pm and continues overnight for 7 hours.

This process takes place every day in the Park and Ride of Floriana and Marsa, Cirkewwa and Victoria, Gozo. Since the beginning of the pandemic so far, the Ministry of Transport together with Malta Public Transport have fumigated 41,000 buses at a total cost of € 313,000. Apart from the fumigation of the buses themselves, cleaning of the bus shelters is also being done.

Ivan Pierre Vella Senior Manager of Public Transport at Transport Malta said that a number of measures were being taken to reduce the probability of the virus spreading among passengers.

“Other things have been done, air conditioner filters have been cleaned far better than before, though a more rigorous process. We’ve changed the filters to reduce the incidence of the spread and reduced the number of standing passengers. Payment is being made by card and there are also dividers between the driver and the passenger, protecting both the driver and the passenger. ”

Mr. Vella reminded the public that the use of the mask on buses was mandatory at all times and at all times. He said it was essential to wear it in the interest of all passengers.

“Unexpected inspections are being carried out. You won’ necessarily find this on every bus you catch. It’s random but if a person is caught he will have to pay this fine.”

Through the legal notice that came into force last week, anyone caught without a mask in shops, the airport, the gozo channel ferry and public transport can be fined one hundred euros. If the person admits the contravention before the Commissioner of Justice the penalty will be reduced to € 50 because the case will not have to go to Court.

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