Busuttil says a PN government would be open to strengthening relations with China

During an informal meeting with the media, Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil said that during the party delegation visit to China it clearly emerged that the Chinese Government has every intention of strengthening the relations with the Nationalist Party.  Dr Busuttil said that the party in government will be open to strengthening relations with China.

He said that this will be done on a bilateral basis as Malta would prove its will to a friendly relationship with China and would be helping it enter the EU market.  This relationship, he said, will be built on confidence, honesty and transparency.  Dr Busuttil said that during the past two years relations between Malta and China were trampled upon because of what he called Maltese government’s mistakes in appointing a Minister’s wife as special envoy and general consul in Shanghai, and the lack of transparency in the government’s agreement with China.

Referring to the meeting with Shanghai Electric Power, Dr Busuttil said the company does not object to the publishing by the Maltese Government of the Enemalta contracts.  On his meeting with Sai Mizzi Liang, the nationalist leader said it was a cordial meeting and he made it clear he was against her appointment, and said she wasn’t capable of replying on the Malta Enterprise schemes to promote Maltese industries.



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