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Cafè Premier building to become health clinic and civic centre

The Minister for Justice and Culture, Owen Bonnici, has announced that by the end of this year the Valletta Local Council will be operating from the former Cafe’ Premier building, with Government fulfilling a promise that the Valletta Council would have a central place with access for the first time for disabled persons, and this before Valletta takes on the mantle of European Culture Capital.

During a media conference on the occasion of Government’s first 100 days, Dr Bonnici stated that as soon as the Council moves into the building, work will start on the other part of the building which by the end of 2018 will be transformed into a health clinic and day centre for the elderly. A lift will also be installed with access to the National Library.

Minister Bonnici had words of praise for the work being undertaken by the Restoration Department, which is handling all the restoration and embellishment works to enable the Valletta Local Council to move into the building and continue offering its services to the public.

Dr Bonnici pointed out that besides the works on the Cafe’ Premier site, major works are also presently being carried out at 14 other sites in Valletta and at another six sites in Floriana, including MUZA, as well as restoration on facades of palaces, old buildings and churches, among others.


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