Came to Malta to study English – ended up ‘on the game’ to make good for quarantine expenses

Three Colombian women, aged between 28 and 40 years, have each been handed down nine-month prison sentences suspended for four years, besides a 250 euro fine, after they admitted to living off prostitution and keeping a brothel in their home.

The Prosecution explained to Magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras they had received information that a number of services of a sexual nature were being offered at an apartment in St Julian’s.

After keeping watch on the place, the Police gained entry to the apartment and found one of the women having sex with a client.

The Police spoke to the client, who admitted that he had paid 80 euro for the service. During a search of the apartment, the Police also recovered items of a sexual nature.

The three accused had entered Malta legally in order to study English, but after being quarantined in Turkey, followed by a spell of quarantine in Malta, they found that the expense was far higher than expected.

This led to their advertising their services on an online site, and clients would then call them and turn up for sexual encounters.