Camping inside their home; terrified they may end up buried alive

A Court decision ordering the owners of a collapsed building in Mellieha to carry out works at their expense has sparked controversy with many arguing over the unfairness of this law in respect of those who have just lost their home.

Still, there’s another side to this story in the form of other victims who are literally living in hiding at the back of the building, in constant fear.

The Borg family, whose home touches the back of the house which collapsed one month ago, are living in fear that the remaining part of the building which is still standing, is at risk of collapse from one day to the next.

This is because the supporting wall that separates the collapsed building from the family’s yard, is full of cracks.

Loredana Borg Agius told TVM, that the family’s architect had warned that this wall was dangerous.

“With the passage of time, more cracks are appearing, the bricks are becoming more visible and have come apart from the supporting wall of the adjacent building; there is the yard belonging to my mother in law and the adjacent maisonette, as you can see the part where there are cracks is highly dangerous. We are not just talking about one or two floors here. This goes on till the top”, explained Ms Borg Agius.

An elderly couple – Tony and Christina and their disabled son live in the house belonging to the Borg family.

Ms Borg said she feels incredibly sorry for the neighbors who lost their homes, but that she and her family are also victims of the situation.

Because of the danger of further collapse, we were advised not to use the back rooms; the kitchen and bedroom. During the night we often hear a noise and wake up in a panic.”

“I have not slept well since the house fell. I am sleeping on an armchair because I feel more comfortable there as I feel it is safer. We would like this situation resolved as quickly as possible,” said Mrs. Borg.

Ms Borg hopes and prays that she too won’t end up buried alive under rubble inside her home before things sort themselves out

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