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Can a pharmacist refuse to sell the Morning After Pill?

The theme of the Morning After Pill and how this is sold by pharmacies have been discussed on the TVAM programme.

Dr Claire Shoemake and Dr John Vella, both members of the Malta Chamber of Pharmacists, stated that a pharmacy can opt not to sell the Morning After Pill.

Dr Shoemake explained that the MAP is sold without the need for a prescription, and based on the pharmacist’s professional judgement and conscience. She added that for this reason the pharmacist, even if employed at the pharmacy selling the MAP, can refuse to sell it. Despite this, the pharmacist is in duty bound to advise the patient from where to obtain the pill.

Dr Vella mentioned that pharmacists have a right to act in this manner as a result of Council of Europe legislation on ethics.

The professional responsibility of pharmacists was also discussed during the programme, and reference was made to the questions a pharmacist would commonly ask a patient before selling the MAP.

Listen to the ful interview here: 


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