Can one park in front of a garage?

How often has one left the house for work in the morning, only to find a car blocking one’s garage? Parking was and still is one of the biggest problems in a number of residential areas in our country. We have probably sometimes left our car awkwardly parked with hazard lights flashing, perhaps partly on a pavement or even blocking a garage, to carry out an urgent errand. The law is clear – one cannot impede the passage of persons, vehicles or horses.

One cannot leave a car parked in front of a garage in use and which is clearly marked as such, even if there is someone standing by. However, ‘garage’ only refers to any building specifically in use for garaging or parking of vehicles. This in effect means that if a person affixes a notice of what appears to be a garage but has no access, this is not considered as a garage in the eyes of the law. In this instance, when one finds a vehicle parked in front of one’s garage, one should contact LESA or the Police to prove that the garage is in use for the garaging or parking of motorised vehicles and that the building includes a drive-in. After this is verified, the community officer issues a fine of 104.82 euro. And besides, Transport Malta are empowered to tow way the parked vehicle.

It should be pointed out that legally, no one can paint markings in front of the entrance or exit of a place or building marked as a garage. According to law, a person who paints lines on a carriageway in front of the entrance or exit of a building so marked, and this without authorisation from an Authority, is guilty of an offence and can be fined 58.23 euro, as well as an additional 11.65 euro fine per day for every day the lines are left painted on the road.