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Can you imagine yourself turning on the lights and your electric kettle from your mobile phone?

Can you imagine yourself turning on the lights and your household gadgets from your mobile?

Can you even think of turning on your electric kettle in the same manner?

Can you imagine your television rolling up into the sound bar?

Or perhaps the screen on your mobile phone folding up like a book?

Ian Naudi spoke about all these possibilities on TVAM, and discussed where technology is heading in 2019.

Ian explained that technology has reached the stage where innovation is difficult, which means that during the year we will probably see more changes and updates in the technological field.

As an example, we have long been witnessing changes in mobiles, but the shape has remained more or less the same for several years. Technology is now roaming, and the screen is being updated. Ian explained that the screen on present day mobiles is flexible, and technology has come up with a screen which folds up like a book, and which can expand into a tablet screen. The cost of this, however, will not be cheap – expect to fork out over 1,000 euro.

This innovative screen will also effect television. Ian explained that one can become annoyed with a TV screen when the TV is turned off. It appears that technology is coming up with an offer so that when a TV set is turned off, it will replicate the wallpaper on your wall. This is not the most exciting advance, however. Through this flexible screen, it will be possible for the screen to be retracted inside the sound bar, no longer remaining a large unit on a wall.

Another technological update is expected in 2019. Through what is known as the internet of things, one will be able to control gadgets and household electricity through a mobile via Google. Imagine yourself still in bed in the morning, and using your mobile to give instructions for your coffee to be ready for when you eventually get out of bed.

You can follow the full interview with Ian Naudi on TVAM and on  TVMI. TVAM is broadcast daily between Monday and Friday at 7.00 a.m.


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