Can you just upload a photo on the Internet without permission?

In today’s world, with the continuous use of technology, it is impossible to remain anonymous. Without knowing it, one is constantly leaving traces behind online which makes anonymity impossible. Every time you access a site or buy something over the Internet you are leaving some kind of information behind you.

In this context there is a legal framework which protects your interests. This was discussed during the programme TVAM by the Commissioner for the Protection of Information and Data, Ian Deguara.

We often take photos and post them on social media without realising that we might be breaching data protection. Commissioner Deguara explained that one cannot upload a photo without the consent of the people who appear in it. He pointed out that not even car licence plates should appear.

He explained that when someone feels their rights have been breached, they can lodge a complaint however for this to be investigated they need to have the details of the person who posted the photo.

Mr Deguara also answered questions about how long information can be kept and about CCTV cameras. He explained that when a person installs a camera to protect their property they cannot capture public spaces or the entire street.

You can watch the full interview on TVAM here.

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