“Cancer not necessarily a death sentence, but incidence on the increase”

A scientific seminar on cancer, with the joint collaboration of researchers from the University of Malta and Barts’ University, is being held today at the Life Sciences Park.

Introducing the Seminar, Parliamentary Secretary for Health Chris Fearne said that the newest building in Malta, the Life Sciences Park, was today hosting a seminar between two of the oldest medical schools in the world, those of Malta and London.

“Cancer today is not necessarily the death sentence it was some years ago, as a result of encouraging rates of cure which are now possible because of research. On the other hand, although rates of cure are improving, the incidence of cancer is increasing. As clinicians and researchers we have to work towards discovering how to prevent cancer,” Mr Fearne added.

Under the chairmanship of the Dean of the Malta Medical School, Professor Godfrey Laferla, the Seminar has grouped together Maltese and British scientists from the Universities of Malta and Barts in London.

Malta Enterprise Chairperson Mario Vella said it was an honour that this first collaboration between these two prestigious universities was being held in the Life Sciences Park, a building synonymous with research and innovation in Malta.