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Candidates disagree on health care during Houston debate

Three Democratic candidates disagreed on the issue of health care during the third Democratic primary debate in preparation for the Presidential election in the US. The issue of how to reform health care has split the moderates and the progressives candidates.

The debate held in Houston, Texas was the first opportunity for Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to face another.  They are hoping. to clinch the Democratic nomination and be elected President next year. Only 10 Democratic candidates who classified the  highest in the opinion polls, following the first two debates, could take part.

Joe Biden, who served as Vice President under President Barack Obama, is leading in the polls followed by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. During the debate, the former Texan legislator Beto O’Rourke was met with great applause after a passionate appeal for arms control, however it was the health care issue which led to the most heated part of the debate.

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