Canine friends on today’s ‘Sibtek’

Despite the current extraordinary times, ‘Sibtek’ today resumes with another interesting program that keeps company with the public.

In today’s program, audiences will watch canine friends and their owners who share experiences and their love towards their animals. Couple Nevisse and Pierre, the family of Rocco dog; Sue Rossi and Frank Grima, owners of Martini dog and Mariella Pace Asciak with her bitch Barbie.

More stories during the program from guests Emmy Bezzina, Xandru Grech, Natius Farrugia, Shasha, and Keith Demicoli, together with a number of singers, including Kylie Coleiro, Celine, Karl Schembri and Jasmine.

Meanwhile, today’s Vip house is that of Freddie Mercury. The residence was filmed by a ‘Sibtek’ team with the footage will be transmitted today.

‘Sibtek’, today at 12.45 on TVM.

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Gepostet von Sibtek am Sonntag, 17. Mai 2020

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