Capri: Minibus driver loses control and dies; several passengers injured

According to reports in the Italian media, the minibus driver who fell at around 11.30am in Capri probably died of a heart attack. Emanuele Melillo, 33, was pronounced dead on site.

Melillo, who grew up and lived in Naples, leaves behind a son and daughter Rosaria who was pregnant. About a month ago, Emanuele was ecstatic at the thought of becoming a father again, as evidenced by a post on his Facebook profile.

Emanuele’s colleagues described him as a very positive person who always managed to put a smile on their faces with his cheerful disposition.

The incident took place this morning in Marina Grande on the Neapolitan island. So far, no one else has lost his life although, 28 people are injured, including four French and four Lebanese tourists. The majority of the victims were taken to Capilupi Hospital in Capri, while two victims who were seriously injured and two others – including a child – in danger of dying were taken to Naples hospitals for treatment via helicopter.