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Car sharing service launched

The first system by means of which a number of electric cars can be used by different people on the same day will be run by the company CAR2GO Israel as part of an agreement with Transport Malta. Transport Minister Ian Borg acknowledged the criticism of the system which will be reducing the number of car parking spaces, however when all is considered, he pointed out that this system also has its advantages.

With the GO TO system, 150 electric cars can be used by different people on the same day. The Chief Executive of Car Sharing Services Malta,  which is the subsidiary company of CAR2GO Israel, Liran Golan, explained that the company has invested 8 million Euro in this project. The electric vehicles will be parked in a reserved area in the busiest places on the island, where they can also be re-charged.  Clients will be able to use them through an app, and will pay according to how much time they use.

Liran Golan said, “since we won the bid we started the collaboration with the people of Transport Malta who basically together with us and together with the consultation of the local council, we understood where the locations of parking spots needed to be established in order to maximize the amount of usage of residents within each locality and in points of interest throughout the islands.”

Minister Borg said that this initiative forms part of the Government’s vision to increase the number of electric cars to 5000 by the year 2020, and at the same time, to introduce new transport concepts.

Speaking about the criticism of some local councils because the number of parking spaces would continue to decrease as they need to be reserved 24/7 for this service, even if they are not used, he said he understands that every change brings with it a certain amount of resistance.

“However, we are here to decide, and we decide when we have considered everything. We believe this is a good project. we are working on other aspects, for example the Government announced in the Budget how we can work with the private industry so that we can create more parking spaces in the respective localities.”

The company GO TO said that in Malta there are already 1000 people who have registered to use this service. It added that in the ten years it has been working in Israel, thousands of drivers no longer used their private cars and instead began using this service as a means of transport.

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