Cardinal Prospero Grech’s photographic exhibition at San Anton Palace

A photographic exhibition has been inaugurated at San Anton Palace with photographs taken by Cardinal Prospero Grech. In comments to TVM, Cardinal Grech said that he has always been passionate about photography, and that he took some of these photos 70 years ago.

At the age of 93, Cardinal Prospero Grech still carries his camera wherever he goes.

“I started taking pictures about 70 years ago and studied photography – even the technical aspect since digital cameras didn’t always exist.”

His love of photography began when he was taking photographs of books for his studies.

“The first pictures I took were not generic in nature, but pictures of books and manuscripts because at that time there were no photocopying machines and this made it harder because one had to measure everything exactly. Once photocopiers were invented there was no longer a need for these kind of pictures and I moved on to more general photography for example on my travels. I would give a lecture at a congress and then I’d spend a few hours sightseeing and instead of buying postcards I’d take pictures. I would print them myself and I have several shoeboxes full of photographs under my bed.”

Part of Cardinal Grech’s photographic collection is on display at the Palace of San Anton at an exhibition entitled A Thing of beauty a joy forever. Among these are photos of Malta, fishing boats, the Grand Harbour and others that feature people. The exhibition was inaugurated by President George Vella and will be open for the next two weeks. Proceeds from sales will pass on to the Malta Community Chest Fund.

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