Caritas Malta to distribute container full of food products to families in need

Caritas will be distributing a container full of food which it has just received as a donation to help almost 600 families who depend on providence, especially because of the effects of the pandemic.

Caritas Malta has received another 40 foot container from Sicily full of food products which will be given to families in need.

Albert Debono from Caritas explained that at the moment they have requests for help from 470 families in Malta and 120 families in Gozo.

”We already have an ongoing process where the parishes and entities which help these families are asking for their share, according to how many families they help and within two weeks we will have distributed the food to them. These parishes and entities will then deliver the food to the families with whom they are in contact, not only for groceries but for other reasons as well.”

Mr Debono said that apart from the parishes, the Millennium Chapel, the Jean Antide Foundation, the Paolo Freire institute, Fondazzjoni Sebħ, and the Social Assistance Secretariat are a shoulder to lean on for those who are most at need in our community – who are often hidden.

He remarked that over the last few months the request for people who cannot make ends meet has increased.

The container with food is a donation by the company Virtu Ferries, the second such donation since the pandemic, started in a gesture of charity for families in need.