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Caritas to open centre in Hamrun for those going through a difficult time

Within the next two years, Caritas will be opening its first centre in the community from where it will be offering all the support and preventive services for families and individuals who are going through a difficult time. Caritas management said that the project has been planned for many years and will now be carried out thanks to two million Euro in funding from the EU.

A Church building in Hamrun which has been abandoned for many years will be turned into a community centre for those who are going through difficulties or have just ended a rehab programme. The idea is for the centre to offer them support and care within the community itself.

Caritas Director Anthony Gatt said that this is a dream which will become a reality as the project had been shelved for 14 years and had never taken off due to lack of funds.

“It was the vision of Mons Victor Grech for there to be a community centre which would actually be closer to the community both for the local residents as well as families who have different needs. In other words, a centre where support groups can meet, such as for example, the elderly or those who are widowed or separated or young people who are lonely,” Mr Gatt explained.

The project will be carried out thanks to EU Regional Development funds and MEUSAC. Parliamentary Secretary Aaron Farrugia said that this important social project will help people to continue to reform themselves, emerge from the poverty trap and integrate into society.

“As a Social Democratic Government, we believe that people should not only be helped but also be fully integrated into the community and so we decided after the necessary evaluation to contribute towards this interesting project by using EU funds,” he said.

The Caritas Foundation has plans for this project to be completed within the next two years. The building will include a chapel and administration offices for Caritas, the Usury Foundation, the Epilepsy Foundation, Huntington Support Group, the prevention division and the crisis intervention centre.