Casa Antonia management says the home is free from Covid-19

Casa Antonia management declared that the elderly home in Ħal Balzan is now completely free from Covid-19 after the emergence of the first positive case in the beginning of September.

The Home’s management said in a statement that up to the 30th September it had only one positive case as 34 patients had recovered from the virus while on the 14th October the home was declared totally free from Covid-19.

General Manager Dr Sarah Cassar stated that as a result of the increase in the number of Covid cases in Malta more rigorous procedures were adopted in the residence since the 7th August this year.

It was pointed out that when the first case emerged, all residents were requested to isolate themselves in their rooms, while both residents and staff were swab tested and re-tested after four days. All meals were served in rooms and visitors and those providing services, including physiotherapists, were banned from visiting the home.

All residents who resulted negative continued to be swabbed every three days, while residents who had symptoms or needed treatment were isolated in the high dependency section. Residents who may have been in contact with any positive case were immediately quarantined.

It was pointed out that the prevailing control measures of infection, before the first case was registered and also training to workers in previous months, were vital for the Home to control the spread. Furthermore, Casa Antonia benefited from advice and guidelines of professionals provided to the home by the public sector.