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Case resumes against Colonel Alex Dalli who refused permission to inmate to marry his partner

The constitutional case resumed before Judge Grazio Merieca filed by Meliza Muscat and her former partner Yousef Essesi against the Director of the Kordin Correctional Facility.

Lawyers of the two sides informed the Court that Meliza and Yousef broke their relationship and do not intend to marry, however Essesi’s lawyers want the case to continue arguing that the Prison Director, who at the time was Colonel Alex Dalli, had breached the family’s fundamental rights when he refused the right of the prisoner to marry. They added that the case also treats the torture allegation in prison.

During today’s court session, Essesi testified that he spent seven isolated months in prison in the beginning of January 2018, which he considered as torture. The prison director’s defence argued that there were various incidents involving Essesi and therefore he couldn’t marry because, according to prison rules, with a bad conduct on this behaviour in prison, he wasn’t entitled to apply for prison leave.

Case evidence should be completed in January and a sentence will be then delivered.

Prison Director defends decision not to allow prisoner to get married