Caught selling bicycles he had stolen on Facebook Marketplace

A 51-year-old man who lives in Gżira has been remanded in custody after being charged with the theft of a number of bicycles.

David Yates was arraigned before Magistrate Rachel Montebello and charged with having committed the thefts from the Gżira and Msida areas.

Inspector Jonathan Ransley, prosecuting, told the Court the Police had been investigating these thefts for months until it spotted one of the bicycles on the Facebook Marketplace, and this led them to the accused.

Yates said in the Courtroom that he was unwell when the seriousness of the charges was explained to him, and Defence Counsel Daniel Attard also remarked that the accused had a drug problem.

Inspector Ransley objected to a request for bail, pointing out that other persons had been caught taking drugs at the accused’s home on several occasions. At this stage, the accused said this was not true and the Inspector had never been in his home.

Although Yates pleaded not guilty, Magistrate Montebello denied the request for bail.