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Caught with stolen products to maintain his pregnant partner – will be deported

The Court ordered the dismissal from Malta of Alb Aleksander from Serbia, who has been living illegally in Malta for over two years.

The Serb admitted an attempted theft from a Mellieħa supermarket to maintain himself and his pregnant partner. Inspector Godwin Scerri told the Court that Aleksander was caught leaving the supermarket with products, valued at €267, which he didn’t pay for. He told Police that he had to steal because he is unemployed, without money and had nothing to eat.

Magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras warned him he may be imprisoned for up to three months. However, the prosecution said the man returned the stolen products and cooperated with Police. The Court sentenced him to a month in prison, suspended for a year and ordered that he is sent back to Serbia.

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