Celebrating 100 years since St. Helen’s Band Club was established

“She opened her arms to the poor, helped the needy and did not know the meaning of lazy” . These words in honor of St Helen are among the narratives of the life of the patron saint of Birkirkara which were written to commemorate 100 years since the establishment of St Helen’s Band Club.

The oratorio will be performed at the Birkirkara Basilica during Santa Maria week which began today with the removal of the statue of St. Helen from its niche.

To mark 100 years since its establishment, St. Helen Band Club have skilfully prepared an oratorio which combines the life of the patron saint to the birth of the Organization known as Bagri. The oratorio has two parts – the discovery of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem by St Helen to the establishment of the Band, which according to the composer Raymond Zammit, came from the Duke of Connaught Band in 1919.

Raymond Zammit : “It was hard work trying to amalgamate everything together in the booklet. The sweetness of that saint to this event that happened in Birkirkara.”

The President of the Association, Anthony Saliba, said that preparations have been underway for two years during which time 100 activities were organized. In his words, the oratorio contains sweet surprises for devotees.

Anthony Saliba: “we have put in the Band’s most popular things in this oratorio including the words of the antiphon that is played in church, the popular hymn and band’s anthem.”

The role of the St Helen Band which will begin by playing the oratorio on Tuesday in the Basilica of St Helen. The Band’s delegate, Tony Carbonaro, said the musicians have a week packed with activities including a march on Friday and a musical program on Saturday.

Tony Carbonaro: “we will finish off with a joyous march on Sunday morning 18 August. We keep saying that we will only be around once to celebrate 100 years.”

Although the feast of St. Helen is usually celebrated on the first Sunday after the 18 August, this year it will be celebrated on the 18th August.

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