Current Affairs
Celia Falzon appointed as Mater Dei hospital CEO

Celia Falzon has been appointed as designate Chief Executive Officer of Mater Dei hospital.

Celia Falzon is currently the CEO of the Pharmacy of Your Choice. She has a Master’s degree in Business Administration, specializing on strategic planning.

Ms Falzon has been involved in big projects in the public health sector since 2014. These include the enlargement of emergency and initiatives on waiting lists, and she was also instrumental for the latest technology at Mater Dei, such as the robotic project for medicine distribution.

The current Mater Dei CEO, Mr Ivan Falzon, will be leaving his post in February – a position he occupied since 2014. It was pointed out in a statement that he was instrumental for various projects at Mater Dei in recent years, including the opening of new wards, investment of millions of euro in new equipment such as MRI, CT Scans and Angiosuite, and the opening of the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre.

Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne thanked Mr Falzon for his management of Mater Dei hospital, while he augured Ms Celia Falzon for her new post.