“Ċensu l-Oranġjo” testifies he did not see who had shot him in the face – Sultana released on bail

The compilation of evidence continued this morning in the case against Ryan Sultana, the 24-year-old man from Iklin who stands charged with firing three shots and grievously injuring 55-year-old Vincent Xuereb of Naxxar.

Xuereb, known as Ċensu l-Oranġjo, testified he had not seen anyone shooting at him with a firearm and did not know where the shots came from. He had been hit by a number of shots from a firearm following an alleged argument between him and the accused in connection with a case of fraud.

It also emerged in this morning’s sitting that both men knew each other. It was stated that Xuereb used to take the accused to visit his psychiatrist.

The victim stated that on the day of the shooting he had got out of the car with a pump in hand, in order to smoke a cigarette. He added that all he recalls is someone shooting at him, but he neither heard the shots nor could tell where they came from.

Asked by the Office of the Attorney General how come he did not know when the shots had hit him in the face, the victim continued to insist he did not know.

The accused’s grandfather also testified during this morning’s sitting. He said he arrived at the scene after the Police and saw them speaking to the two men. He added that the man had problems with several persons, and was always asking for money.

Sultana was released on bail against a 3,000 euro deposit and a 4,000 euro personal guarantee. He was also ordered to sign the bail book twice a week.