Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine inaugurated at University

After the University of Malta launched a course at Masters level in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the beginning of this year, students of this course will now have a suitable centre for all their needs. There are currently seven students reading for this degree.

The Centre’s Director, Professer Charles Savona Ventura, explained to tvm.com.mt that those following this course will be able to obtain all their clinical practice and complement their theoretical studies at this centre.

“The centre will start giving a service to the Maltese people in this field by means of professors coming specifically from Shangai University, who will be teaching our students as well as offering their services at the clinic. The first group will be here for a year, and the after that, other professors will come. Teachers will also be coming here to give specific study modules”, said Prof Savona Ventura.

Centre Traditional Chinese Medicine (2)The centre was inaugurated by the University Rector, Professor Juanito Camilleri, in the presence of the Chinese ambassador,  Cai Jinbiao.

This centre was set up in collaboration with the Shanghai University which since 1956 has dedicated a college specialising in traditional Chinese medicine. This field involves the use of herbs and chemicals, as well as methods of recovery such as acupuncture and moxibustion.