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Challenging time for Dar tal-Providenza – Fr Martin being treated for cancer

During the coronavirus pandemic, running expenses at the Dar tal-Providenza increased by some 60,000 euro to make good for a number of measures introduced to safeguard residents and staff.

The administrator at the Home, Nadia Camilleri Cassano, explained that measures included the purchase of smartphones to allow residents to maintain contact with relatives and friends who could not visit them. Investment was also made in technological systems, and protective equipment was also purchased for staff who were in contact with residents. Transport was also provided for staff who did not drive.

The Dar tal-Providenza today welcomed Public Health Superintendent Professor Charmaine Gauci, who stated that Malta had managed to control the virus because every entity including the Home had done everything possible to protect the residents.

The Administrator remarked that all this had happened at a time when donations had dropped drastically. For this reason, the Dar tal-Providenza has launched a marathon entitled “Sabiħ Li Tagħti” (It’s Nice to Donate), which will continue up to the start of the new year, with the aim of raising funds for the Home, which needs some five million euro per year to remain operational.

Jes Saliba, a Dar tal-Providenza board member, explained that this is a challenging and difficult time for the Home, as Director Fr Martin Micallef will be receiving treatment for cancer, which he has been told is curable. Mr Saliba added that whilst Fr Martin is being cared for and treated, the Dar tal-Providenza board and staff will be doing their utmost to continue to run the Home, which hosts 115 residents.

“We have to continue with the work and efforts instilled by Fr Martin at this point in time when he has to look after himself after having dedicated his life to looking after others.”

As a result of the pandemic, this year’s volleyball marathon which alone used to raise some half a million euro had to be cancelled. The marathon chairman and a member of the board of directors, Manwel Zammit, described this as a financial setback. “This was a difficult time, because from the financial aspect expenses at the Home increased because of the pandemic.”

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