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Chamber of Commerce with proposals for Maltese economy to continue to grow in a sustainable manner

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Enterprise has proposed a number of measures through which in its opinion the Maltese economy can continue to grow in a sustainable manner with respect towards the environment and quality of life.

The recommendations have been put together in a document which offers an economic vision from the eyes of the 26 chief executives of companies in various sectors of the economy. The document, presented by Chamber of Commerce President David Xuereb, contains 59 proposals, with the hope of their being implemented over a span of years.

Mr Xuereb noted among others the need for more collaboration between the Chamber of Commerce and the Education Ministry and educational institutions for skills being taught from a young age to reflect the needs of industries and technological developments.

“Primarily on ethics, quality and the difference between good and bad, as these factors are part of the integrity of the values which make us Maltese, but also preparation at creativity levels, and at levels for thinking creatively and innovatively outside the box so that in a world of Artificial Intelligence which, whether we like it or not, will affect the country, we will be prepared to function in the industrial climate.”

The Chamber is urging the Government to rethink about the building of the Malta-Gozo Tunnel and to consider instead a metro system with connectivity to Gozo, and a ferry service linking Gozo to Valletta, Bugibba, tas-Sliema and Cottonera.

Mr Xuereb, an architect by profession, stated that economic growth should not be to the detriment of the environment.

“Not just vegetation and trees, but we should also address our workplaces, shops. homes, offices, factories, all of which should function towards the environment rather than taking from it.”

The Chamber of Commerce appealed for a wider process of consultation on private pensions and reiterated its call to reduce energy bills for enterprise.

The document with these proposals is to be presented to the Maltese authorities.


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