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Chameleon or not… challenged by another nine songs

Ira Losco, her manager and PBS are in intense activity to find the right song for the Eurovision Song Contest which needs to be presented within three weeks. has been told that Ira Losco has been working day and night to record a number of new songs as well as a revamped version of ‘Chameleon’. As from tomorrow the songs will be judged by an international jury from ten countries together with numerous local experts. A similar process is used by several countries participating in Eurovision.

A spokesperson for PBS said the final result would be announced at the end of this process. This method is being used to ensure that Malta has the best sound in this prestigious festival.

The European Broadcasting Union has announced substantial changes in the Eurovision voting system. This year will see a record participation of 43 countries.
Last week, EBU Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand confirmed that Malta can tweak or indeed completely change the song that Ira Losco will present.
Malta will perform in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. Ten countries from each semi-final will make it through to the final on Saturday 14th May.

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