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Changes are needed in regional roles and powers – Parl. Sec. Silvio Parnis

The Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government, Silvio Parnis met with the Committee for the Northern Region and said that as soon as he took up his post, he had immediately begun working on the reforms which are needed in the sector of local councils.

In a statement, Mr Parnis said that the reform strategy includes the crucial need for consultations and discussions with all sectors so that decisions can be taken in a better way. He added that the reform in local government needs to see a change in the roles and powers of the various regions. He said that he wished to meet with this region to listen to their aspirations and proposals for the changes which are required.  In order to do this, more funds are needed and therefore more funds had been voted specifically for the regions to carry out their economic, social, cutlural and regional plans.

Parl. Sec. Parnis said he was pleased with everyone’s contribution and that there needs to be a reform in the sector of local government to protect everyone’s interests, both those who operate within the local councils, as well as those who receive their services, while he appealed for a more collective endavour so that the reform will be a success.