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Changes to PA policy on fuel stations

The Planning Authority has introduced a number of amendments to its policy on fuel stations, based on proposals submitted in the consultation carried out earlier this year.

The Authority declared that among the changes, fuel stations which can be relocated will be only those still functioning when the application for development is submitted. Apart from this change, a condition has been added which provides that for a fuel station to be relocated, it will have to be causing an inconvenience and posing a danger in its present area.

Applications for fuel stations outside development zone will only be considered in instances where the land in question already has a development permit.

The Authority said in a statement that the proposed policy will apply to already submitted applications. The policy also puts a limitation, not exceeding 1,000 square metres, on fuel stations which are approved.

As a result of these changes, the public consultation on these amendments has been reopened until 1 November.


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