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Chantelle guessed that her former partner would turn up at the bar

The compilation of evidence started in Court against Justin Borg who is accused with the murder of his partner and the mother of his two children, Chantelle Chetcuti.

The case occurred at Ħaż-Żabbar on the 2nd February outside a bar. The victim died in hospital after she was stabbed with a knife in her head and neck.

The Court heard evidence of witnesses who were on site, including Silvan Medina who was with the victim drinking inside the bar, when at one moment the victim saw a certain Dylan and told him that if Dylan appeared, Justin will arrive shortly. Shortly afterwards, the accused appeared and wanted Chantelle to go outside to talk to her.

Silvan Medina said he exited the bar and saw Chantelle with a knife stuck in her head. Antonio Mangion testified that the accused waved his hand u started hitting the victim with a knife, which fell on the ground. He approached her to assist the victim and saw the accused run away inside a car.

Police officer Dexter Agius said that on that day he was on duty at the Police headquarters, where the accused arrived and told him he had stabbed his girlfriend. He added that Borg had a wound in his right hand, had blood on his clothes and was in a state of shock.

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