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Charged with requesting sexual favours from his wife in front of their minor daughter

A 42-year old man from Ħal Qormi was remanded in custody after he was charged in court of harassing his wife and requesting sexual favours from her in front of their minor daughter.

The man, a supermarket worker, denied the charges with his defence requesting his release from custody and arguing that lately, a court released from custody a man charged with rape and another with drug trafficking.

The Prosecution objected to the request due to the evidence and grave crimes which allegedly occurred in front of the couple’s daughter. It added that the accused does not seem to understand that the marriage has reached its end.

Lawyer Emi Bezzina, appearing for the woman, said his client has been visiting him for the past one and a half year, and both she and her daughter are terrified by the accused. During the mediation, he said the accused never presented himself in court.

The court hearing was characterised by altercations and disturbance, with one of the lawyers accusing the other for bringing with him the victim in court.